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Monday, June 28, 2010

How are testing tools categorized ? - Part II

Embedded Software Testing Tools :
It is a very challenging task to test embedded software as the timing requirements for these applications are very stringent. The code has to be optimized so that it occupies the minimum memory. IBM Rational Test Real Time is the widely used test tool in this category.
Network Protocol Testing Tools :
Testing networking and communication software has attained a lot of importance in recent years as computer networks are becoming widespread. There are number of tools available for testing networking and communication protocols. ANVL(Automated Network Validation Library) is to test routers and other networking products. Agilent Technologies, Rhode and Schwartz etc supply protocol analyzers which generate the necessary protocols based on international standards such as ITU-T standards.
Configuration Management/Bug Tracking Tools
Configuration Management is a very important process. When test engineers report bugs, the managers have to track these bugs and ensure that all the bugs are removed. Bugzilla is an open source defect tracking system. Samba's Jitterbug is a freeware defect tracking system. IBM Rational Software's Clear DDTS is a change request management software. GNU's GNATS is a freeware bug tracking and change management software.
Software Testing Management Tools
These tools help in managing process oriented software testing. Using these tools, the QA manager can create a formal test plan, allocate resources, schedule unattended testing, track the status etc. AutoTester's AutoAdviser, Compuware's QA Director are such tools.

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