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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

International Standard Organization ISO 9001:2000 Clause 5

Clause 5: Management Responsibility

Clause 5.1: management Commitment
The measurable quality objectives that are meant to meet customer requirements should be defined and communicated the quality objectives to employees.
Clause 5.2: Customer Focus
The management has to ensure that the customer's requirements are well understood and the customer is well satisfied with the product.
Clause 5.3: Quality Policy
The quality policy reflects the commitment of the management. The quality of the policy has to be signed by the Chief Executive Officer of the organization.

Clause 5.4: Planning

Clause 5.4.1: Quality Objectives
Quality objectives such as increasing productivity, reducing defects etc. has to be defined by the management based on the quality policy of the management.
Clause 5.4.2: Quality management system planning
A quality management system has to be planned by the management to meet the quality objectives. The details of the processes are to be defined.

Clause 5.5: Responsibility, Authority and Communication

Clause 5.5.1: Responsibility and Authority
The quality management system makes it compulsory that a proper and a clear organization chart is drawn, indicating the reporting structure and the responsibilities and authorities of each individual.
Clause 5.5.2: Management Representative
The management representative should be appointed who has the responsibility and authority to implement the quality management system.
Clause 5.5.3: Internal Communication
To avoid lack of communication among team members, a proper procedure for internal communication should be established so that all the employees are in unison.

Clause 5.6: Management Review

Clause 5.6.1: General
Quality policy, quality objectives and quality manual should be periodically reviewed to discuss the effectiveness and possible improvements.
Clause 5.6.2: Review Inputs
The inputs have to be obtained from customers, external auditors, and internal auditors.
Clause 5.6.3: Review output
The outputs will be the action points needed for effective quality management system implementation. This is done after the management review.

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