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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

What is Segue Testing Methodology?

Segue testing methodology as its name suggests has got its origin with the segue software corporation and this is what that we are going to discuss here. 

This testing methodology is comprised of the 6 major phases that have been discussed in detail below:

  1. Planning phase: In this phase, the testing strategy is determined as well as the specific test requirements are defined.
  2. Capturing phase: In this phase the GUI objects present in the application under test are classified based on some criteria and also a test frame work is created for the execution of the tests.
  3. Creation phase: This phase involves the creation of the automated tests that are reusable as well. Several recording and programming techniques can be used for developing the test scripts using the 4test language of the segue software.
  4. Run phase: In this phase certain specific tests are selected by the user and executed on the application under test or AUT.
  5. Reporting phase: This phase involves the analyzation of the test results and generation of the defect reports.
  6. Tracking phase: This phase involves the tracking of the defects in the application under testing  or AUT and performing the regression testing.

About Segue Testing Methodology

- The quest-con technologies is one of the members of the silk elite partner program of the segue software. 
- This partnership has resulted in the improved integrated automation software of the segue software with the quest assured which is the proprietary methodology of the quest-con  
- This has proved to be an effective one for the mitigation of the risk that is involved in this whole automating manual process. 
- Quest assured provides an environment for flexible development of the software.
- The technologies used by it are all based up on the best practices of the quality assurance.
- These are effectively integrated by the automation testing principles of the quest-con with the automation software solutions of the segue technology. 
- For ensuring that the segue tools and technology are utilized to the full potential, the strong knowledge of the quest-con’s manual testing process as well as its capability of automating the appropriate portions of the concerned process are used. 
- The segue testing actually emphasizes on the idea of the practical quality assurance.
- Thus, the implementation of the automation solutions becomes relatively easy and less messy as when compared with the existing culture of the corporate. 
- It is because of the segue testing technology that the software delivered by the segue software ensure accuracy as well as performance of the enterprise applications. 
- With the segue testing technology, comprehensive performance, scalability, verification solutions and monitoring all is possible. 
- Further, these qualities of the segue testing methodology make it even more reliable to be used in the fundamental business process and also provides the user with the most predictable outcomes.
- Segue testing technology has effectively helped the companies in reducing the risks involved with the software.
- It also helps in increasing the return investment that we find quite associated with the deployment status of the business applications. 
- This all makes the segue software a leading innovator in technology. 
One success example of the segue software is the silk test which is now its trade mark. 
- Since long the segue testing technology has been known to dedicate itself entirely to the quality optimization of the solutions. 
- Thus, the segue software today has overcome the various optimization challenges that are faced by the software testing world. 
- The segue testing technology is based up on a result oriented approach which results in the proper optimization of each and every step of the testing process. 

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