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Thursday, October 11, 2012

What is 4Test in Silk Test?

4test in silk test is a fourth generation language or 4GL which comes under the category of the object oriented languages. This fourth generation language has been developed especially for fulfilling the needs of the quality assurance professionals. 
The 4test language possesses some very powerful features that have been grouped in to 3 basic kinds of functionality as described below:
  1. A library of object oriented classes: This group of functionality includes object oriented methods as well as classes that can be used to specify interaction of a test case with the GUI objects present in an application.
  2. A library of built in functions: This group of functionality includes features that are used for performing the common support tasks.
  3. A set of statements, data types and operators: This group of functionality includes the features that can be used for introducing the logic as well as the structure to a data base that has been recorded earlier.
- Before the test scripts are created and run, an object repository containing the information regarding the application under test or AUT is to be used by the silk test classic. 
- This object repository consists of the descriptions of all the GUI objects that are present in the application under test or AUT. 
- The actions that are performed by the silk test on these GUI objects are recognized by the silk test based up on some methods as well as properties associated with the objects on which the actions have been performed. 
- After the identification, the actions performed are recorded and stored in the object repository using the 4test language for scripting. 
- There are several classes that are used by the 4test language and have been mentioned below:
  1. Active X classes
  2. Visual basic classes
  3. General core classes
  4. General web application classes
  5. Flex class reference
  6. Java classes
  7. .net classes
  8. Rumba class reference
  9. SAP class reference
  10. Silver light class reference
  11. Java AWT class reference
  12. Java swing class reference
  13. Win 32 classes
  14. WPF class reference
  15. Xbrowser classes
The 4test language comes with the following in built functions:
  1. Agent information functions
  2. Argument pass modes functions
  3. Application state control functions
  4. Array manipulation functions
  5. Character and string conversion functions
  6. Data type manipulation functions
  7. Data base functions
  8. Data driven functions
  9. Date and time manipulation functions
  10. Distributed processing functions
  11. Distributed results logging functions
  12. Exception handling functions
  13. File manipulation functions
  14. Java functions
  15. List manipulation functions
  16. Locale functions
  17. Numeric functions
  18. Operation system calls
  19. Product version information functions
  20. Password encryption functions
  21. Random value operations
  22. Registry operations
  23. Results file operations
  24. Run time status messages functions
  25. Script information functions
  26. Semaphores
  27. Set manipulation functions
  28. String manipulation functions
  29. SWT functions
  30. Timers time date information
  31. Web browser functions
  32. Windows information functions
  33. Date transformation functions
The 4test language comes with the following categories of keywords:
  1. Arg list call keyword
  2. Current file keyword
  3. Current path keyword
  4. Type info keyword
  5. Alias keyword in type declarations
Following types of statements are found in 4test language:
  1. Access statement
  2. Break statement
  3. Const statement
  4. Continue statement
  5. Critical statement
  6. Exit statement
  7. Do___ except statement
  8. For statements
  9. If statement
  10. Multi tag statement
  11. Parent statement
  12. Parallel statement
  13. Raise statement
  14. Rendezvous statement
  15. Reraise statement
  16. Select statement
  17. Setting statement
  18. Spawn statement
  19. Switch statement
  20. Return statement
  21. Tag statement
  22. Use statement
  23. With statement
  24. While statement

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