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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

How would you export a Script from one PC to another in QTP? Can launch two instances of QTP on the same machine?

While working on a collaborative project in quick test professional it becomes necessary to import some scripts from one machine to another. But how this to be done will be discussed and also how two instances of quick test professional can be launched on the same machine.

Exporting a script from one PC to another

- If you would have noticed the quick test professional comes with a tab titled “export”. 
- For doing so just mark the code that you want to export, copy and paste it in a text file. 
- The copied code may consist of references repository items, part of tests, part of settings, parameters, environment variables and so on. 
- However, it is another fact that the export option is not directly available in the quality center’s test script lab.
- A suitable version of quick test professional needs to be installed. 
- Then, you need to connect it to the quality center project. 
- Next step would be to open the test via quick test professional. 
- Once you are done with these 3 basic steps you can now export the file via “export to zip file” feature of the quick test professional either in to the quick test professional data base or some other location and either on the same machine or on some different machine. 
- One may have a bulk of test automation quick test professional scripts on a local machine which might be required to be exported from local machine to  QC. 
- Exporting some times becomes necessary when there are too many scripts and it takes a whole lot of time to open each and every script and then save it in the quality center.
- Some third party tools are available which serve the purpose of uploading many quick test professional scripts at once from one PC to another PC.  
- There is one more method which makes use of the “generate script” function that comes in built with the quick test professional. 
- This function is available in the object identification section under test settings, tools and options tab. 
- Using this function of the quick test professional, a zip file of the scripts to be exported can be created. 
- The zip file of the specified scripts is created at the source computer itself. 
Later, this zip file can be easily exported to quick test professional on destined computer.

Now let us answer the second question of this article regarding the launch of two instances on the same machine. 
- The answer is no since the quick test professional only has the ability of working with the multiple instances of the AUT or application. 
- An example of this can be multiple windows of the internet explorer browser that can be handled by the quick test professional. 
- Therefore, at a time only a single instance of the quick test professional can be launched on the same machine. 
- To say, actually two instances cannot be launched on the same machine but yes you can go for virtualization option. 
- Today, there are many tools available for virtualization such as sandboxie, Altiris SVS and so on. 
- These two tools have been used for running two Mozilla Firefox profiles on the same PC and for testing some software in isolated PC environment but have not been put to use for launching two instances of the quick test professional on the same machine. 
- But the possibilities are that these two tools can be used for running multiple instances of quick test professional on the same machine. 

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