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Sunday, October 14, 2012

What are other Silk products? Explain in brief each product?

The silk products of the Borland have created quite a buzz in the field of test automation. They have proved to be of great help when it comes to automating the test scripts and performing other tasks related to testing. 

One example of a popular silk product is the Borland silk test. The silk products over the time have been known to provide specific solutions for specific problems as well as specific needs. Silk products are even available for mobile operating systems such as the iOS, android, blackberry OS and windows. 
Silk products for mobile are used for carrying out the following tests:
  1. Functional testing
  2. Performance testing
  3. Test management and so on.

About Silk Products

- These products ensure that a better software is delivered every time the development takes place no matter what platform is being used by the user’s device. 
- With the new platforms coming in to picture, a different approach is required. - But the silk products always ensure that consistent high quality is delivered for the mobile applications and software both in the terms of performance as well as functionality. 
- Silk products can also be used with SAP. 
- The silk products for use with SAP ensure that your SAP implementation fits your business very well.
- These help in the fast delivery of the SAP projects by providing a ‘complete solution manager driven life cycle’ which actually tailors the silk products to the SAP environment defined by the user. 
- The silk products come with simple to understand and use tools, thus ensuring that money is saved and there is a match between the functionality and the requirements. 

Types of Silk Products

Now we shall discuss about some silk products one by one:
1. Silk test: This silk product is for producing the quality software in the most appropriate way. It is actually a test automation tool and automates the following tests:
a)    Functional tests and
b)    Regression tests
Till now the silk test is considered to be the leading product in terms of the following qualities:
     a)    Speed - fastest
     b)    Reliability – most reliable
     c)    Efficiency- most efficient
     d)    Scalable test automation development solution
     e)    Quality
     f)     Business teams
     g)    Delivery of quality software
The silk test is the ideal tool for mastering the automation technology for automating the most critical applications.

2. Silk Performer: 
- This silk product facilitates the application performance testing. 
- This silk product ensures that your application software meets even the most critical performance expectations as well as the service level requirements in a most cost effective and efficient way. 
- It comes with a feature called cloud integration using which massive loads can be quickly simulated without any requirement of the investments in the load testing set up and hardware. 
- Over the time, it has proven to guarantee the customer satisfaction by making high performing and reliable applications.

3. Silk Central: 
- This silk product is used for collaborative test management. 
- It controls as well prioritizes all the aspects of the test management and test by an automated collaboration across the organization, thus ensuring that only the high quality software is delivered. 
- This product also enables collaboration as well as increases the visibility in the all the testing phases.

4. Silk test Partner: 
- This silk product is also used for test automation apart from the silk test. 
Here, the older scripting approach is replaced with a visual and non technical approach.

5. Silk QALoad: 
- This silk product guarantees performance by performing stress tests on associated networks and enterprise systems by simulation of 1000s of users performing different operations but at the same instant of time.

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