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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

What is Accessibility Checkpoint in QTP?

Quick test professional has got a variety of check points to offer which are an ultimate help in the determination of the efficiency measure of the software system or application i.e., it functions correctly as expected. 

The check points accomplish this task by making comparisons between the value defined by the user that is the expected value and the current value of a particular property of the software system or application.

Quick test professional itself adds a check point statement in the expert view and a check point in the current row in key word view as well whenever a check point is added by the user.
The name of the test object to which the check point is added forms the default name for the added check point. However this default name of the check point can be changed as needed. 

Following are the check points provided by the quick test professional:
  1. Image check point
  2. Standard check point
  3. Table check point
  4. Bit map check point
  5. Accessibility check point
  6. Page check point
  7. Text check point
  8. XML check point
  9. Data base check point
Our focus is on the accessibility check point in this article. 

Accessibility Check Point

- With the help of accessibility check point, the areas of a web site or web page or web application that do pertain to the standards and web content accessibility guidelines of the W3C or world wide web consortium can be recognized. 
- In fact accessibility check points are an extended support for the web add – ins environment. 
- With the accessibility check point, it can be verified whether the software system or application is in compliance with the World Wide Web consortium. 
World Wide Web consortium or W3C lays down the instructions as well as guide lines for information systems and technology based on web. 
- These guidelines maintain a certain standard for accessing the web and this is what that is checked by the accessibility check points. 
- The settings of an accessibility check point can be configured according to the user’s needs. 
- These accessibility guidelines have been stated by a part of the World Wide Web consortium called the web accessibility initiative. 
- If the some parts your application software or system does not matches with the accessibility standard defined by the World Wide Web consortium and need special attention to improve them, they are caught by the accessibility check points. 
- In fact, an accessibility check point does not determine whether the software system or application meets all the accessibility guidelines.
- It catches only the faulty areas of that particular application under test or AUT that need to be brought up to that standard. 
- The identification of the improper areas of the software system or application using accessibility check points is quite quick, easy and also reliable. 
Furthermore, automatic accessibility check points are also available that you add to every page on your web site or test. 
- Also individual pages or frames can have their own set of individual accessibility check points. 
- The accessibility check points are highly customizable and can be configured according to the requirements of the tests. 
- For configuring, an accessibility check point the options are available under web option of the tools menu. 
- Check and un-check the items that you want or don’t want in your that particular accessibility check point and finalize by clicking OK. 
- The tool in the web environment has to be kept in recording mode. 
Accessibility check points can be added automatically while the recording is in progress and can be accessed while edit very easily. 

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