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Saturday, October 6, 2012

How do u do batch testing in WinRunner & Is it possible to do in QTP, if so explain?

WinRunner provides you the facility of executing a certain batch of the unattended tests. This feature of the winrunner has proved to be quite useful especially in the situations when a large groups of tests have to be run over night i.e., an over night run. 

How to do batch testing in WinRunner?

- A batch test can be viewed as a test consisting of a test script which holds the calls to the other tests. 
- Such call statements execute each and every test called in the list and also save the result up on execution.
- A batch test may consist of n number of tests depending up on the need and requirement of the user. 
- A batch as such just seems like a normal test but with an unusual large number of calls. 
- A batch test can be run by using the option “run in batch mode”. 
- This option is available in the run category of the general dialog box which gets invoke just before the start of the execution of the test. 
- Whenever a test is run in batch mode, all of the messages that may be displayed during the test run are suppressed by the winrunner. 
- This is done so that the winrunner is able to run a batch test unattended. 
- The execution of the batch tests is therefore different from the regular, interactive test runs where you may come across several messages popping up on the screen. 
- In batch tests, this thing is not there and so a lot of time is saved. 
- The current chain of all the called tests can be viewed at a break point in the call chain pane available for viewing in the debug viewer window. 
- After the completion of the batch test run the winrunner makes the results available in the test results window. 
- Winrunner provides you the facility of running the batch test via command line.

Is it possible to do batch testing through QTP?

- The quick test professional is the successor of the winrunner and is quite advanced and efficient in many respects as compared to the winrunner. 
- Batch testing is possible in quick test professional. 
Difference lies in the way in which the batch testing is carried out here. 
- The quick test professional facilitates the batch testing service with the help of a separate built-in tool called the test batch runner or QTP batch testing tool. 
With this tool you can group the tests in to a number of batches which are then executed. 
- The result of this batch test run is made available in the test result viewer. 
- In quick test professional, batch wise viewing of the result is not possible. 
Results for individual tests have to be viewed. 
- For the execution of a test batch you need to open the path of the test batch and give the run command. 
- In quick test professional, other mercury products for batch testing can also be installed and used if one is not comfortable with the in built tool of the quick test professional i.e., the test batch runner. 
- For doing this you need to follow the below mentioned sequence:
Tools menu à options à run à check the check box “allow other mercury products” à apply à ok
- Even a partial batch test is also possible! 
- You just need to deselect the tests that you want to be executed. 
- MTM or multi test manager is another mercury product using which one can carry out batch testing. 

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