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Saturday, August 11, 2012

What is WinRunner? What are the applications that WinRunner use?

About WinRunner

- WinRunner is a software developed by HP as a testing tool that will test the automated functional graphical user interfaces. 
- Using this testing tool, the user would be able to record as well as play back the interactions that took place on the user interface as test scripts. 
- WinRunner actually works like a functional test suite and is known to work with HP quick test professional.  
- Winrunner has been known for the support it provides to the enterprise quality assurance. 
- The most important of its functions include capturing, verifying and replaying the user interactions automatically.
- In this way, the defects can be identified and whether or not the business processes are working as desired can be determined. 
- A proprietary test script language or TSL was introduced by this software which highly aided the parameterization as well as the customization of the input provided by the user. 
- Originally, the winrunner was seen as the creation of the Mercury interactive which was later taken up by the Hewlett Packard (HP) in the year of 1996. 
WinRunner is quite an advance functional testing with the help of which it becomes easy for one to create and run automated tests on the software system or application under question. 
- The automated tests developed with the winrunner have many useful qualities like they consist of reusable test scripts and are quite adaptable and have the ability to very well challenge the functionality of your software system or application. 
- Prior to the software release every software developer thinks only if he/ she could get a chance to test his/ her product once more time.
- With Winrunner, you can run all these tests in one night and ensure that your software product is of the superior quality. 
- Easy test creation is facilitated by the winrunner by recording your way of working on the software system or application. 
- Whenever an user interaction like a mouse click or key word typing takes place, a test script in test script language (TSL) is generated by the winrunner. - These scripts can be further enhanced by manually programming them. 

Winrunner consists of a function generator and provides two modes for recording the tests namely:
1.     Context sensitive mode and
2.     Analog mode
- Winrunner also serves as a load testing tool and operates at the user interface layer.
- A whole lot of user interactions can be recorded and played back from a large number of user applications.

Types of Applications WinRunner can Use?

- WinRunner can be used for a variety of software applications for the regression testing of the acceptance user tests.
- With the help of the GUI map file the winrunner recognizes the objects on the software system or application. 
- The winrunner software is compatible with almost all the applications. 
- After the winrunner finishes any test, it displays the results in a report like format.
- This report consists of the general logs regarding the information about the test run like the following:
1.     Check points
2.     Error messages
3.     System messages
4.     User messages and so on.
- Any undesired thing happening can be detected easily by matching the actual result with the expected result. 
- Any defect found in the software system or application can be reported directly from the window of the test results and an e- mail can be sent to the quality assurance manager who holds the responsibility of tracking the defect and then fixing it. 

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