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Saturday, August 18, 2012

What databases can Test Director reside on?

The test director is another popular software test management tool developed by the HP. The test director or TD as we call in short form has proved to be a very effective tool in the management of all the tests that are performed over a particular software system or application. 

What is the use of Test Director?

- The whole burden of the organization of the software testing process is taken up by the test director itself. 
- It helps in directing the process of software testing in the same way as a movie director takes up the responsibility for directing the shoot of a movie. 
There have been many cases in which the test director has considerably helped in the creation of the test cases.
- This software test management tool is categorized under the category of web based test management tools since it relies heavily on the web service for the management of the tests. 
- The working of the test director takes place around a centralized data base i.e., a centralized data base form its center of operation. 
- The test director helps in the management of the following aspects:
       1.   Specifications documentation
       2.   Requirements documentation
       3.   Test plans
       4.   Test cases
       5.   Defect tracking
       6.   Defect managing and so on.
- The original developer of the test director is the mercury interactive which is said to be taken under the HP. 
- It would not be wrong to say that the test director is actually a more of a central repository where all the information and reports related to the management of the bugs is stored and processed. 
- In some of the cases, the test director has even helped in the execution of the pre automated test scripts with the help of a special environment known as the test director environment.
- The purpose of the test director lies in the following tasks:
       1.   Creation of the test plans
       2.   Preparation of the test cases
       3.   Execution of the test cases.
       4.   Generation of the bug reports
       5.   Maintenance of the test scripts etc.

In this article we shall also see what all are the platforms that are supported by the test director.
The test director seems to be supporting almost all the platforms that call for a need for high levels of collaboration as well as communication among the testing teams that are distributed and where an efficient global testing process is required. 

Types of Databases on which TD reside

- Since the test director is a web based site administrator, it can reside only up on the data bases which are web based. 
- There is also one more reason behind this fact which is that the test director needs to monitor all the connected users, licenses and test director server information and this information it needs to store in such a data base that it can access from any computer system and therefore it uses a web based data base.
- Another point that can be given is that now most of the projects that are being done using the test director are grouped by the domain which consists of other related test director projects. 
- Such a domain can help in much efficient organization and management of your project! But to access it a centralized data base is required.
- There is one more thing that the test director comes with a feature called collaboration module via which one test director user can chat with another test director user and this also requires a web based centralized data base. 

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