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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

What are all the Limitations & Advantages of WinRunner?

Winrunner is one of the most famous load testing tools available today which operate at the level of graphical user interface. Recording and playing back the user actions has become such an easy task with the help of this winrunner software package.

Advantages of WinRunner

The Winrunner was initially a creation of the mercury interactive but later was taken under the supervision of HP (Hewett Packard). 
- With winrunner, the quick creation of the sophisticated automated tests has been made possible. 
- With the aid of winrunner you have the provision of automating the whole software testing process right from the test development to the execution part. - The tests that we develop or create using the winrunner are not only automated but they are also by far adaptable as well as reusable.
- The test scripts that they consist prove to be quite challenging to the software system or application which is under testing. 
- The winrunner also provides you with the convenience of running all the tests you created in an overnight just before the release date of your software product. 
- Such an overnight test run helps you to detect any last moment defects and also ensures that your software product is of superior quality. 
Testing with winrunner reduces the following problems dramatically:
  1. Reduces time consumption and tediousness.
  2. Reduces the amount of investment in human resources.
  3. Roots out most of the serious bugs.
- Winrunner is a functional testing tool that was designed with the aim of solving quite a large number of problems and it does assists the process of software testing in quite a realistic manner.
- With winrunner you get an opportunity for testing your software systems and applications on quite a large scale or we can say company wide scale. 
- The user functions are verified as well as recorded in an automated way which makes sure the proper and cooperative working of the business processes. 
- Another thing is that in winrunner no programming is required to increase the flexibility and power of the tests. 
- The spund functionality in winrunner is assured with the help of multiple verification types. 
- The integrity of the back end data base is also verified. 
- All the attributes if the application objects are stored and verified. 
- Winrunner is a single application that can test multiple environments. 
- With winrunner, the automatic identification of the discrepancies present in the data is possible.

Limitations of WinRunner

- Winrunner because of its limitations has now been superseded by the HP quick test pro. 
- The winrunner makes use of the source of the program to create test cases and moreover the coding of the test cases is done in test script language (TSL) which is a proprietary language.
- One of the disadvantages of the TSL is that very few resources are available for TSL programming.
- The testers need immense training to be able to implement winrunner properly. 
- Another disadvantage is the GUI map, which can be many a time quite difficult to understand as well as implement. 
The winrunner does not extends support for the following applications:
  1. Few web based applications
  2. NET applications as well.
  3. XML
  4. Multimedia applications
  5. Sap apps
  6. Oracle apps
However many of the above discussed limitations are present only in the older versions of the winrunner and can be eliminated by going for the latest version of the winrunner (8.0+) which does supports all the web applications and .NET add- in is also available in  that. 
However, the QTP proves to be more convenient when it comes to writing the scripts and object values.

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