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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What are all the different languages that can be called using TSL in between the scripts?

A suite of manual test cases was developed by some of the organizations with the help of text editor which was found to be quite difficult to be used, maintained and executed as efficiently as in the case of other test cases. 
These test cases prove to be quite effective in detecting the defects before the production phase starts but consume more time in their management and execution and thus affect the investment terribly.
This problem becomes graver as the role of the organizations grows. The only solution to this problem is the investment in a sound test automation tool. 

Winrunner is such a test automation tool whose core language is the TSL or “test script language”. 
The three basic needs of the test automation engineer are addressed by the winrunner and TSL both namely:
  1. Management and organizational needs
  2. Test architecture
  3. End user

What are the features of WinRunner?

The winrunner possesses the following features:
  1. It enables the users to author, organize and maintain a set of automated test cases.
  2. Provides a web enabled and shareable environment.
  3. It supports test case design.
  4. Provides automation
  5. Supports execution of the best practices (that have been defined the test organization).
  6. It serves as a tool box for building a testing frame work.
All the facilities are provided by the winrunner, now the responsibility of building a test frame work lies solely with the test automation engineers. 

What is TSL? What languages can be called through TSL?

Winrunner is driven by the test scripts created in the language TSL.
Test script language is a programming language which is quite close to the C programming language.
- Most of the features of the test script language resemble the features of the C programming language though it is quite simple than C programming language.
- The test automation engineers who are quite experienced with the languages such as C do not find it much difficult to master the test script language. 
- The organization is responsible for the maintenance and organization of this TSL code base.
- Few of the different languages that can be called using the test script language in between the scripts are:
  1. Web scripts
  2. GUI
  3. >NET
  4. Java
  5. Javascript
  6. HTML and so on.
- With the test script language the integration of other tool sets is also possible and is done via some API. 
- TSL actually comes in to play whenever the user records a test. 
- The default code that is generated in the winrunner window is in test script language only. 
- This script written in test script language is saved as some script file. 
- The TSL language apart from just creating the test scripts also combines functions developed from some specific purpose for the test in some other language that has got TSL like features like control flow statements, variables, arrays and user defined functions.
- Another good thing about test script language is that there is no need to compile it. 
- The scripts can be immediately executed just after they have been recorded. - Four types of functions are provided by the test script language as stated below:
  1. Analog functions
  2. Context sensitive functions
  3. Standard functions and
  4. Customization functions.
- Not even just language codes and functions but also the whole application written in a different language can be invoked in between the scripts with test script language.  
- This is actually done via the function “invoke_application” that is defined using test script language only. 

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