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Thursday, August 16, 2012

What are advantages of WinRunner over other market tools silk, robot etc.?

Winrunner has got many competitors in market these days. Every day some new software testing tool is being introduced that is giving competition to the winrunner in one or the other way. 
The below mentioned are two such software testing tools:
     1.   Silk test automation tool
     2.   Robot testing frame work

In this article we shall discuss about all these three software testing tools i.e., the winrunner, silk and robot and discuss what advantages winrunner has got over these other two emerging software testing tools in the market.

About Silk Test Automation Tool

First, we shall discuss about the silk test automation tool. 
- The silk testing tool is promising a bright future as the software testing industry is moving towards a hi - tech end. 
- Till now silk test automation tool has proved to be good with many platforms and test management tools and there is an insight that it may become much more powerful in the coming days. 
- The silk test tool facilitates the automated regression testing and functional testing for the enterprise applications. 
- The original developer of the silk test tool was the Segue software which was later taken under the micro focus international in the year of 2009.
- Silk test automation tool has got many clients to offer unlike the winrunner which can support a few platforms only. 
- The silk test tool has got two very important features as mentioned below:
  1. Silk test host: responsible for the storing all the source script files
  2. Silk test agent: responsible for the translation of the script commands in to the commands of GUI or we can say user actions.

About Robot Framework

Now let us see what robot frame work is. 
- This testing frame work is quite a generic one and has proved to be quite useful in the test automation process. 
- The robot frame work provides a very useful and efficient testing frame work for the following:
  1. Acceptance testing
  2. Acceptance test driven development or ATDD
- It is very easy to use tabular test data syntax and this is what makes it quite popular among the testers. 
- This frame work is known to make use of the key word driven testing approach. 
- Its capabilities are extendible i.e., they can be extended using the test libraries which were implemented either with java or with python. 
- It also provides the users with the facility of creating new key words of their convenience with the help of the same syntax that is used in the creation of the test cases. 
- It has following features:
  1. Creation of test cases in a uniform way through the easy to use syntax.
  2. Data driven approach
  3. Behaviour driven approach
  4. Key word driven approach
  5. Reads HTML format
  6. Modular architecture
  7. Has a simple library API
  8. XML based outputs and command line interface
  9. Remote library interface
  10. Built in support for variables
  11. Tagging facility

Advantages of WinRunner over Silk Test and Robot

Though both of these software testing tools are quite advanced, there are certain places where they lag behind when compared with winrunner. 
- The winrunner takes less time as compared to the silk test tool and robot frame work. 
- The tediousness is reduced in the winrunner but not in silk test tool.
- The winrunner requires less investment in human resources contrary to the case of the silk test tool and robot test frame work.
- Silk test tool and robot frame work actually help in creating, organizing, managing and executing the test cases but they offer less help when it comes to rooting out serious bugs whereas the winrunner lays down a considerable focus in this regard. 

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