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Thursday, August 30, 2012

What are the other codes you can write/call with in TSL?

TSL or test script language is the sole language of the winrunner i.e., it is the only language in which the winrunner test scripts are generated. One requires a deep knowledge of TSL so as to create highly sophisticated test scripts. 

A good knowledge of the language also cut downs on the need of the manual intervention. A small number of keywords and operators make the TSL language quite compact. Proficiency in languages like C and C++ will make it easier for you to deal with TSL language. 

The TSL language being a script language has a very simple syntax structure when compared to other programming languages. This feature of TSL adds to its both advantage and disadvantage. The advantage is that it is as easy as a wink to learn because of a less complex structure and the disadvantage is that being so simple reduces its capabilities. 

Below mentioned are the features of the TSL language that can be used to write the code:
  2. Naming rules
  3. Data types
  4. Data storage
  5. Operations
  6. Branching
  7. Functions and
  8. Loops.
Knowledge of other languages like following also adds in quick learning of TSL:
  1. Java
  2. Perl
  3. JavaScript etc.
- The QTP codes that are written using the HP’s quick test professional can be written or called in TSL language also. 
- The reverse is also possible i.e., the code written in TSL can be migrated in to QTP format. 
- The other codes thus written using TSL language usually sever less time turnaround but it largely depends on the degree of the complexity of the code as well as the process.
- Winrunner provides a shareable environment in which users can organize, write and maintain a set of automated test cases as well as supporting software libraries. 
- The winrunner along with TSL provides a perfect tool box for the creation of a testing frame work but the responsibility to build the right frame work lies in the hands of the user. 
- Winrunner provides a good software development environment that caters to all the needs of the test automation engineers. 
- The TSL can be considered to be a simplified version of C language or one of its derivatives since it does looks and feels like C language. 
- Test automation engineers who are quite experienced with C take less time and face little difficulty in becoming proficient with TSL language. 
- The organization of the TSL code depends largely up on the skills of the test automation engineers. 
- They must organize and maintain the code base.
- The winrunner comes with a large number of automation wizards which aid in every process of test automation. 
- Even though the winrunner meets all the needs of the testing organization, it is required that an additional development paradigm and testing frame work must be implemented with it. 
- This is necessary because otherwise the values obtained from the test automation will be lost in the due course of maintenance.
- The web, GUI, .NET and java codes can be written and called with in TSL and can also be verified. 
- TSL language is a standard start up script that is easily invoked during the start up of the winrunner. 
- The TSL codes are used for the standardization of several operational aspects of the winrunner like the following:
  1. Standard functions
  2. GUI map configurations
  3. Shared scripts
  4. Shared libraries and so on.
- There are a hundred functions that TSL provides for various uses categorized under various groups and categories namely:
  1. Analog
  2. Context sensitive
  3. Customization and
  4. Standard.

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