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Friday, January 27, 2012

What are different concepts of Certified Software Quality Analyst (CSQA)?

Certified software quality analyst or CSQA as it is known in short form, is the certification that checks the software quality analysing capabilities and skills of an individual who applies for it.

Certified software quality analyst certification is gaining fast popularity in the field of software testing these days. Number of CSQA aspirants is growing day by day. More and more skilled individuals are now seeking to get this certification.

The certified software quality analysts use the principles of quality analysing in assessing the quality of the software. CSQA plays a great role in building up the reputation of an organization since it helps in improving the quality of the software products that it manufactures.

CSQA certification provides three main benefits.They have been mentioned below:

- It gives an acknowledgement about the skills and competency of the certified individual or professional.
- It proves to be a great factor in helping the deserving individual in getting job, promotion and good hike in salary.
- He/ she can continue his/ her education after fulfilling the re-certification requirements.

The duration of exam is 4 hours but it if you get qualified you will have great benefits. There are certain things that you need to fulfil before appearing for the examination.

These include:

- The candidate needs to fulfil all the prerequisites as laid down by the CSQA certification norms.
- The applicant needs to abide by the guidelines stated by the code of ethics and stick to them while discharging their duties.
- The applicant needs to submit a document for character reference along with the exam form.

An individual or professional can hold CSQA certification only for 3 years at a time and after that he/ she need to get re-certification for the same. This can be done by the following procedure:

- The applicant needs to submit a recertification journal which gives an account on the qualified educational activities by the professionals.
- The applicant may appear for a recertification exam.

What does this certification do?
- This certification tests the principles and practices that an individual or a professional follows regarding the management of good quality.

- CBOK only helps with understanding of concepts but does not provide any practical knowledge and experience.

- CSQA aims to test the ability of an individual to face the real world challenges.

- Most of the aspirants don’t know how to approach CSQA exam. It is just like a regular exam but with a more need of practical knowledge and awareness.

Try to understand the concepts listed in CBOK properly. You can also prepare questions for testing your preparation. While studying a concept, you need to relate those concepts to the real world challenge as to how you will use them in solving real world problems.

The candidate needs to meet any one of the following condition:

- A bachelor’s degree from a reputed and accredited institution along with an experience of 2 years.
- An associate degree along an experience of 4 years.
- If the applicant is not having any degree, he/ she must have an experience of 6 years minimum.

The aspirants must learn to adhere to the code of ethics. It is very important not abide by the code of ethics as it defines the behaviour that is expected from a professional. Depending up on your compliance, you may require submitting your education and employment documents. If you fail to submit, then you may be disqualified. To abide by the code of ethics is extremely important as one can even be subjected to decertification if his/her conduct is not good.

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