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Thursday, January 26, 2012

What are different characteristics of Certified Manager of Software Quality (CMSQ)?

The Certified Manager of Software Quality or CMSQ as it is abbreviated to, has worked out a great deal in establishing a standard for the assessment or determination of the capabilities of the individuals who are concerned with the development of software quality.


1. The certified manager of software quality certification provides a worldwide standard.

2. These standards are used to assess the competencies of the professionals as well as the concerned individuals in the area of software quality assurance.

3. In other words, this certification certifies the professionals or individuals who are to work at the level of software quality management.

4. If one acquires the certification of certified manager of software quality, it indicates his/ her professional competence.

5. It shows that he/ she has good conduct in terms of principles and practices of the software quality assurance and development.

6. For getting certified for certified manager of software quality one has to have exceptional capabilities and skills which are required to manage the quality of the software program or application.

7. The upper management level of information technology has been provided a tool which predicts the chances of the individuals to get selected for the applied management positions.

8. The prediction is based up on their performance and conduct.

9. Each individual is provided with an objective level assessment or evaluation of their skills regarding software quality management.

This certified manager of software quality exam is available worldwide. Like for other certification exams, this one also has some prerequisites. They have been mentioned below:

- The candidate may have an active certification of CSQA. This is actually not required but recommended.

- Candidates having CSQA certification are given more preference.

- He/ she must be working in the field of software quality assurance and development.

- He /she must have adequate experience so as to demonstrate the skills that need to mastered in the current quality of the software programs and applications.

- He/She should have common body of knowledge.

- The candidate needs to submit the documentation based up on his/ her real world experience in the field of software testing.

- He/ she should be well prepared for the examination.

- Above all other prerequisites the candidate needs to meet any one of the following three prerequisites:

(a) He/ She must have a bachelor’s degree from a reputed and accredited institution and should have a work experience of 4 years in the field of software field.

(b) He/ she must have an associate degree from an accredited and reputed institution and a work experience of 6 years in the field of software testing.

(c) He /she if does not possess a degree must have an experience of at least 8 years in the field of software testing.

(d) Apart from these prerequisites, the candidate should adhere to the guidelines issued by the code of ethics.

Code of Ethics and Examination Details

- It is necessary to abide by the code of ethics as it makes an individual a complete professional.
- All professionals and certified individuals are expected to behave as defined by the professional ethics.
- Certain documents are also required which might be asked for depending up on the candidate’s profile.
- The documents may include a detailed spilt up of education and employment history.
- Those who fail to submit the required documents may be disqualified.
- This exam aims at testing basically the candidate’s knowledge regarding the following 11 aspects:

1. Quality assurance function
2. Quality leadership
3. Quality planning
4. Quality execution of the plan
5. Communications
6. Relationships
7. Outsourcing
8. Quality baselines
9. Metrics and measurements
10.Internal control

Apart from the above skills mentioned, the candidate should be aware of current happenings in the same field.

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