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Saturday, January 28, 2012

What are different characteristics of Certified Manager of Software Testing (CMST)?

CMST or certified manager of software testing as it is known in expanded form, sets up a standard for the certified professionals and individuals which are working or will be working in the field of software testing.

- These standards are worldwide and are meant to be followed everywhere irrespective of the place where the certified individuals and professionals are working.

- This certification is aimed at testing the competencies and capabilities of the skilled individuals and professionals.

- Like other certifications such as CMSQ, CASQ etc acquiring the certification of CMST also shows the professional competency of the certified individual or professional.

- This professional competency is concerned with the certified individual’s skill to demonstrate the capabilities required for managing the process of software testing and also practices and principles he follows while carrying out the software testing.

- This certification is used by the upper management of information technology as a way for predicting the likelihood of a candidate getting success with regard to qualification.

- It can be thought of as a way to determine the capabilities and skills of the candidates applying for the positions of management level.

- Apart from this CMST certification provides the candidates and professionals with an assessment of their skills and capabilities concerning management.

- The provided assessment is highly objective in nature.

- The examination for this certification is available in many countries worldwide.

Like for other certifications, this certification also demands some prerequisites. They have been mentioned below:

1. The applicant must have an active certification of CSTE. This prerequisite is not compulsory but a recommendation. The applicants having CSTE certification will be first preference.

2.The applicant must be working in the field of software testing and must have good experience.

3.The applicant must have experience in demonstrating the skills required for software testing and identified by CBOK or common body of knowledge.

4.The applicant must submit the documents regarding his real world experience in the field of software testing.

5.The applicant must be prepared for the exam of management level.

6.He/ she must fulfil any one of three prerequisites mentioned below:

(a) he/ she must have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited and reputed institution along with an experience of 4 years in the field of software testing.

(b) He/ she must have an associate degree along with an experience of 6 years in the field of software testing.

(c) If he/ she don’t have any degree, must have an experience of 8 years in the field of software testing.

7.He/she should follow the guidelines laid down by the code of ethics.

- Every skilled individual and professional is expected to follow the code of ethics behavior guideline.

- It is a must that he/ she adhere to the code of ethics.

- Depending on the bio data and resume submitted by the applicant, he /she can be asked for additional documents providing details of his/ her education and employment history.

- If the applicant fails to provide the demanded documents, he/ she may get disqualified.

- The exam aims at assessing the practical knowledge of the applicant regarding the following aspects:

1.Management of test
2.Analysis of test
3.Test planning
4.Test execution
6.Communication skills

- If the applicant is having an active certification of CSTE at the timing of applying for CMST certification, then his/ her CSTE certification will remain active along with CMST certification.

This certification program has the following benefits:
- It evaluates skill mastery on the basis of the skills associated with the management of software testing.

- It inculcates a will in one to improve one’s professional ability.

- It acknowledges the competency of the individual in the field of management.

- It helps the organizations to select individuals with good professional and competency rates.

- It helps improve software testing programs.

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