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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What are different characteristics of Certified Association in Software Quality (CASQ)?

CASQ is the abbreviated form of Certified Association in Software Quality. Day by day the competition is increasing in the market. Therefore it becomes necessary to incorporate ability in the management by virtue of which it can easily distinguish the skilled individuals and professionals. CASQ certification lays down a basic foundation for understanding of principles of quality assurance as well as the practices.

- Whenever software attains the certification of CASQ it attains a level of professionalism with regard to the principles and practices of software quality assurance in the field of information technology.

- The software becomes a member of an acclaimed group of professionalism and receives the recognition for its competency by professional and business associates.

- It is guaranteed with fast career advancement.

This certified association of software quality is aimed at establishing the standards of the qualification. Its objective is to continue the advancement in the professional competence.


- It defines the tasks and skills associated with the quality of the software in an appropriate order to determine the level of skill mastery.

-It brings out the will of an individual to make a professional improvement.

- It acknowledges the attainment of an standard of professional competency which is duly acceptable.

- It aids the other organizations in the process of selection and promotion of the individuals who qualify successfully.

- It motivates the skilled individuals and professionals to maintain their professional competency and also take up their software quality responsibilities effectively.

- It assists the skilled individuals and professionals in enhancing and improving the software quality assurance programs that are carried out by their organizations.

- To accept the responsibility is a distinguishing mark of professional competency.

- The certified individuals must maintain their standards with regard to their conduct.

- This helps them in discharging their responsibilities effectively.

- If an individual wants to apply for certified association of software quality certification than he/ she has to strictly abide by the policy of the code of ethics that guide the principles and practices of software quality assurance.

- This software certification program comprises of procedures for monitoring the individuals’ behaviour and whether they are sticking to the certification policies and ethics or not.

- If a certified individual or a professional later fails to adhere to these policies, than he is subjected to de-certification.

There are some common principles that one needs to adhere to and these have been mentioned below:

1. Principles
2. Quality concepts
3. Quality assessments
4. Quality models
5. Quality baselines
6. Quality practices
7. Quality planning
8. Quality assurance
9. Define
12.Quality work
13.Quality metrics and measurements
15.Internal control
16.COTS and contracting quality
17.Out sourcing

There are certain prerequisites that each candidate needs to qualify such as complete a course for a stipulated period of time from an accredited institution, and some experience in information science. The candidate needs to strictly follow the guidelines and commit to the code of ethics.

- The examination for obtaining this kind of certification is available in many countries.

- The QAI global institute is famous for its professionalism in software quality assurance.

- It was established in 1980 and basically was a software quality assurance industry.

- The first certified association of software quality certification was carried out in the year of 1985. The company launched its first formal process in the year of 1990.

- These days, the QAI global institute has attained the multinational reach. The company has certified over 36,000 professionals in the IT sector in over 44 countries of the world.

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