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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What are Search Engine Positioning, Organic Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Positioning (SEP) includes:
- defining the business,
- set the targets,
- translating the business definitions into search phrases,
- structuring site around search phrases,
- designing pages to attract traffic,
- submitting site to directories and search engines and,
- linking site from other sites and monitoring the results.

Search engine positioning is actually the exact keywords and key phrases or search terms used that your prospective customers will typically write in the search box when looking for a particular product or service.

Organic search engine optimization is a process which improves the unpaid listings of the website in search engines. It involves the optimizing the website in natural way both on page and off page. The benefits of organic seo are:

- Organically optimized websites are often clicked by people. People tend to click on sites that are shown as part of results, not those that are shown as paid results (and search engines also differentiate between them).
- Organically optimized website search results lasts long. A paid result (or where some sort of short term strategy is applied will fail the next time the search engine logic is changed, or the money runs out). If the site makes it because of its own worth, it will only keep increasing in search engine ranking.
- Organically optimized website search results builds greater trust. Putting real and relevant content ensures that your readers will bookmark your blog, share your blog, and trust you more.
- Paid listings are more expensive than organic seo search results. For sites where you want to rank high, it is likely that paid clicks are very expensive, and trying to get more visitors through this route can be expensive.

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brazilianbob said...

Interesting.. Thanks for clarifying these terms. I've been in contact with a few seo firms regarding marketing for my new business, and they all claim that they perform organic seo services. But how can I tell if they actually use ethical white hat techniques or black hat? Does inorganic seo still count as white hat? I just wanna make sure that I use legal seo services. Thanks.

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