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Monday, June 27, 2011

What are different search engine optimization techniques?

Search Engine Optimization increases your website's appearance in search results. SEO techniques are tasks that would be performed by a Search Engine Optimization Company, when employed by a Client who desires high search engine positions to attract targeted traffic, with the intention of increasing their conversion rates and brand awareness.

- The search engine optimizer should have a long term outlook as SEO algorithms are changing.
- Patience is very important in SEO job and having a proper knowledge of the SEO company is also important.
- Build a good website with good and unique content.
- Site map should be included which tells the hierarchy of the site.
- The URLs should be SEO friendly.
- Select proper keywords and keyword density.
- The page title and meta tags for the page should be unique.
- Pay per click account should be opened.
- Write, keeping in mind and targeting the users.
- Keywords should be used as anchor text which helps to find out what the linked page is about.
- The links should be built intelligently.
- Participate with other blogs.
- Indulge yourself with social media sites and marketing intelligently.
- Links should be appropriate and avoid excessive linking.
- Develop relationships with other sites.

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