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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What are key elements of Search Engine Optimization Part 2?

Apart from keyword analysis, other important elements of search engine optimization are:

- Page uses HTML links. These HTML links needs to be optimized and is an important element of search engine optimization. The HTML code should consists of search items which tells the search engine what is the page about. The following things should be optimized like page title, page headings, image text and link anchor text.
A good page title will not only be keyword targeted but also will entice a person to click on it in the search results.

- For good search engine optimization, good page content is also important. The content should be of high quality and unique. It should not be copied from other sites. A god content enhances the search.

- The code enhancement process determines your page rank on search engines. It understands the structure or pages of the website.

- Link building becomes very important for search engine optimization. It improves the ranking of the web page or web site.

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