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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What are the important elements in search engine optimization Part I?

SEO web design is one of the most appropriate strategies to keep the competition.
A successful search engine optimization has few important elements includes a well targeted keyword focus, strong page element optimization and good quality content.

Keywords are most important element for search engines. These keywords are what search strings are matched against.The most crucial step is to find the correct keyword that can be used to optimize.

- Choosing the right keyword to optimize. It is best to focus on less competitive and highly specific keywords. The keyword should have the property of describing what is the purpose of your website. Also, check whether these keywords are relevant to your website or not.

- The website should be rich in keywords and have good keyword density. It is a measure to judge how relevant is the page.Keeping 5 to 10 keywords is termed as OK keyword density. Keyword stuffing should not be practiced.

- Quality of keywords and their position on the seb page is also very important. Keywords that appear in the heading, title are more effective than the keywords that are placed at the bottom.

- A balance has to be there between url keywords and site usability.
- The contents of page title tag are displayed during search so this is the special place where keywords can be given.

- From an SEO point of view, it is good to have as many headings with good keywords in it. The headings should not be very long as readability becomes difficult.

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