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Friday, February 17, 2012

What is a template for a test plan?

Testing is responsible for checking the quality level of a program and effective testing requires an effective and efficient test plan.

- The test plan should be practical so that it can be easily implemented.
- A test plan is prepared keeping in view the test approach which is suitable for a particular kind of software testing.
- The other important things that are kept in mind while drawing out the test plan are functional specs, design specs and requirements.
- The test plan is a way of implementing the test approach.
- It makes use of test cases specifically designed for a kind of particular testing.

The test plan is also documented and the documentation serves the following purposes:

1. It gives the details about the test approach used to test the software system or application.
2. The different aspects of a software system or application are identified.
3. The procedure to be followed for the testing is specified.
4. The tools to be used in the software testing are also mentioned in the documentation.
5. The resources to be used in the testing of the software product are specified.
6. The scheduling plan for the test plan is listed.
7. Sometimes it may also include the contact information of the people who are involved in the whole testing process.
8. It lists all the risks that may affect the software and also mentions their effect on the software.
9. The contingency plan is also included.
10.The test plan also specifies the bugs and errors and procedures to manage them.
11.The criterion for the development of the software is specified.

The scheduling plan or the test schedule is prepared by the lead tester. It is based up on the project schedule prepared by the product manager. A test plan template is like a sample on which you can build up your own test plan.

1. Introduction
The introduction part covers up the description of the documentation, schedules and other related documents.
(a) Description:
- This documentation contains a test plan for the project: “project name” which has been produced by both quality control and quality assurance.
- The test plan enlists and describes the test strategy and also the test approach.
- Quality assurance has been used for validating the quality of this software product prior to its release.
- Apart from software product, there are other resources which are required for successful execution of this software project.
- The “ project name” aims at improving the development strategy, maintenance and deployment by providing the following new features:

(b) Schedule: (schedule coverage and information based on the estimates of the quality assurance.)
(c) Related documents: (related documents attached to the documentation like design specifications list and functional and non functional specifications list.)

2. Resource Requirements:
It describes all the hardware and software components of the software product.
(a) Hardware:(hardware requirements of the project)
(b) Software:(software requirements of the project and tools used in the testing of the software)
(c) Staffing:(list of the names of the people who are involved in the project along with their responsibilities and what all trainings are required.)

3. Aspects to be tested and test approach: (provides the list of the aspects tested).
4. Aspects not to be tested.
5. Test outcomes
6. Risks
7. Exit criteria

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