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Saturday, February 11, 2012

What is ISEB (Information systems examinations board) certification?

ISEB is an important certification in the field of software engineering and information technology. ISEB is the abbreviated form for the Information Systems Examinations Board.

1. ISEB is a well known part of BCS which is the chartered institute famous for its information technology.
2. ISEB is known for conducting examinations in the concerned fields.
3. It is an examination conducting body in the field of information technology. 4. It was formed as collaboration between 2 organizations namely BCS and NCC. 5
5. There was need for the development of a certificate in systems analysis and design.
6. It was required for the examination board of systems analysis.
7. Therefore, as a result NCC and BCS came together to form a new board for meeting their requirement and it was named as the systems analysis examinations board.
8. The year of 1989 saw the creation of a new qualification for the field of project management.
9. Simultaneously, the process of expansion of the qualifications portfolio began in 1989.
10. Because of this, the system analysis examinations board was renamed to information systems examination board and hence the ISEB was born.

The qualifications stated for ISEB cover the following subjects from the field of information technology:
1. Software testing
2. Business analysis
3. Information services management
5. Sustainable information technology
6. Project support
7. Project management
8. Information technology assets
9. Information technology infrastructure
10.Systems development
11.Green information technology
12.Information technology governance
13.Information technology information
14.Information technology security

There are 3 levels at which ISEB qualification is granted and they are:
1. 1st level: ISEB foundation level
This qualification is based on a certain discipline which is introduced at this level.
2. 2nd level: ISEB practitioner level
This qualification involves application of practical methods within a specified discipline only.
3. 3rd level: ISEB higher level
This level covers a specific discipline in great depth and is meant only for managers and specialists.

The ISEB is recognized all over the world in around 50 countries. Some of these countries are South Africa, Brazil, Japan, Australia and United States of America. The ISEB qualification is granted on the basis of the training as well as both computers based and written examinations.

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