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Sunday, February 12, 2012

What is ISTQB (International software testing qualifications board) certification?

ISTQB is an important certification in the field of software engineering and information technology. ISTQB stands for the International Software Testing Qualifications Board.

1. ISTQB and ISEB are 2 similar organizations.
2. ISTQB is an organization that grants certification for qualification in the field of software testing.
3. ISTQB was formed in the month of November in the year 2002.
4. Though formed in Edinburgh, now its office is headquartered in Belgium.
5. ISTQB certified tester is a program initiated by ISTQB.
6. This qualification scheme is of international scheme.
7. A hierarchy is maintained for the guidelines necessary for qualification examination and accreditation.
8. A certain syllabus is also prescribed for achieving the qualification.
9. ISTQB till now has issued almost over 200, 000 certifications making it the world’s top software testing qualifications issuing organization.
10.There are around 47 members of the ISTQB from over 71 countries.

Similar to ISEB, ISTQB too offers 3 levels of qualification:

1.1st level: ISTQB foundation level
2. 2nd level: ISTQB advanced level
This further has 3 levels namely test analyst, test manager and technical analyst.
3. 3rd level: ISTQB expert level
This level deals with the continuous improvement of the test processes, automation of test processes, management of test processes and security testing.

1. The training of the course is followed up by an examination which covers the whole syllabus.
2. On completing the exam successfully the candidate is accredited with a certification of "ISTQB certified tester".
3. It is on the wish of the candidate if he wants to follow the stipulated course for examination or not.
4. It aims at developing a qualification that is accepted world wide.

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