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Friday, February 3, 2012

What are different cross browser testing tools?

Cross browser testing as we all know forms an essential part of cross browser testing. Today there many tools available in the web market which are able to carry out effective cross browser testing.

Cross browser testing tools present us a virtual method to check how our web site performs on the various different browsers available today and whether or not it functions properly?

Using cross browser testing tool you can easily check how your website looks on different browsers by working form just one system. Depending on the cross browser compatibility of a web site, it behaves differently with different browsers.

If you were to test yourself that how your web site behaves on different browsers, it will consume a lot of your time and effort. Then why not go for automated web browser testing tools? They are a great time saver and very reliable to work with.

Many cross browser testing tools are available like:
- Browser shots
- Browser lab
- Browsera
- Super preview
- Browser box
- Luna scape
- Selenium remote control
- IE tester
- Sauce labs
- Xenocode browser sandbox
- Cross browser
- Browscramp
- Litmus
- Net renderer

You can test your web sites using these cross browser testing tools and these cross browser testing tools test your web sites and applications on all the latest versions of the available web browsers.

- Some testing tools allow you to debug and test scripts of your web sites like CSS, AJAX, flash, HTML and JavaScript etc. allows you to explore the browser features and compatibility.

- Some of the available cross browser testing tools provides readymade test cases, so there is no need to waste time in setting up your test cases. You can straightaway start testing your web site.

- This will actually cut down the testing time and you will be able to spend the saved time by focussing upon the other aspects of your web sites that need to be improved.

- These cross browser testing tools are fast and you get the results in minutes.

- Some browser tools offer remote VNC sessions.

- They provide live browser tests so you have the ease of testing your web site from anywhere.

- You just have to provide the testing tool with the URL of your web site and select the browser for which you want to check your web site and hit run. That’s it! You will get instant results.

- Some of the cross browser testing tools provide a way to test the compatibility of the functionality and features of the web site across a variety of web browsers.

- After all it is necessary to test web site's features and functionalities rather than only look.

Lot of web designers are struggling with the problem of cross browser compatibility. Most of the cross browser testing tools offer services free of charge and are quite reliable and also easy to operate.

- To use some cross browser testing web site you may need to connect to their web site via a VNC client or you can use an applet.

- Once connected, you can fully test your web site interactively using their system.

- Few cross browser testing tools are windows program like IEtester.

- Such a tool allows you to test only the versions of internet explorer and not more than that.

- Some cross browser testing tools though offering excellent services, charge you a fee. The fee does not sounds too much if you look towards the positive side i.e., to the excellent and in depth testing options that they offer.

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