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Sunday, February 26, 2012

What are application testing tools?

It requires some tools to carry out application testing and such testing tools are called application testing tools. Application testing tools are divided in the following sub categories:

1.Source test tools
2.Functional test tools
3.Performance test tools
4.Java test tools
5.Embedded test tools
6.Data base test tools

- All the application softwares need to be tested before they are released to the consumers.
- For application testing either specific or particular testing tools can be used or a combination of various types of testing tools can also be used.
- Testing tools are employed to aid the tester in finding the bugs, errors or loop holes in the software system or application.
- Discovering bugs and errors at the early phases of development can avoid potential troubles.
- The bugs and errors should be resolved as soon as possible after discovering them.
- Testing can be made more effective by using proper testing tools.

Now let us see what all types of tools are available for application testing.

1. Source Test Tools
Tools falling under this category are used for finding bugs and errors in the source code of the application software’s program. Few popular source test tools are:

(a) Ada test: Effective for dynamic testing for applications written in Ada.
(b) AQ time: This tool tests the applications based on the languages like Visual C++, Intel C++, and visual Fortran etc. It comes with many memory usage pro-filers.
(c) CMT++: This tool is used for static testing of the application software having C or C++ as its source code language.
(d) Code Wizard: This tool has been specially designed for analyzing the applications written in C++ language.

2. Functional Test Tools
These type of tools are required to test both the functional as well as non functional requirements of the application:

(a).TEST: It is a typical unit testing tool and is used for testing classes that are based up on the .NET framework.
(b) AETG Web: This tool is very useful when it comes to the generation of the test cases. This tool has proved to be very efficient.
(c) Aberro Test: This is a typical interface testing tool. It can also be used for the verification of the requirements.
(d) Avignon Acceptance testing system
This tool basically makes use of XML language to define the language syntax and is used for writing test cases in the language of your choice.
(e) Automated test designer
This tool creates test cases based on the functional requirements of the application.

3. Performance Test Tools
As the name suggests, these tools are used for testing the performance level of the application softwares:
(a) App loader: This tool is used to carry out functional testing as well as load testing. it simulates the usage of the application. This tool is completely independent of the protocol.
(b) Bug timer: This tool is used basically for the documentation purpose of all the bugs and errors found during the performance testing of the application.
(c) Load runner: It is a load testing tool designed basically for the integrated web applications.

4. Java Test Tools
These tools test applications powered by java.
(a) Abbot: This tool tests java based GUIs.
(b) Agile test: It is used for unit testing in java applications.

5. Embedded Test Tools
These tools are used to test the application software components that are embedded in the code:
(a) Message magic: It is used for testing the subsystems.
(b) Tbrun: It is an automatic testing tool used for C, C++ etc.

6.Data Base Tools
It is used for testing data base of the application softwares:
(a) AETG: It is used to generate test cases.
(b) Data generator: It is used for generating input test data.

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