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Friday, September 10, 2010

What is Automated Testing Framework (AUT) ?

The organization needs a testing framework that provides a end to end approach for implementing testing activities.It is necessary to provide a flexible, scalable and cost effective ‘on-demand’ testing approach for all non-functional and functional testing needs and setup the overall testing process. It increases the long-term success of a project.Also, testing activities are easier to manage.

The automated tools require the test engineer to understand a scripting language (VB Script, Java Script, etc.) to write their automated test cases. These tools usually have the ability to create the scripts using record and playback, but this does not always write the most efficient scripting code and is not as re-usable and maintainable.
Automated Testing Framework is a collection of libraries and utilities designed to ease unattended application testing in the hands of developers and end users of a specific piece of software. An AUT is :
- set of abstract concepts,
- processes,
- procedures and,
- environment in which automated tests will be designed, created and implemented.

Automated Testing Framework will achieve the fastest time to value by implementing automation on a foundation of proven processes, technology and knowledge and to reduce total automation costs, increase the quality, focus on quality.

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