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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Automated Regression Testing and its features

Automated regression testing refers to the process by which computer software is regression tested in an automated manner by using testing scripts. These scripts are run against software code for validating the changes that has been made to the code.
Test scripts are the instructions which include the requirements for inputs and outputs of a test case. Each test case is entered into a test script to create a full test harness of an application. Test scripts can be automated by writing code that will execute the instructions within a test case. The simplest way to set up automated regression testing is to construct a suite of test cases, each of which consists of a test input file and a "correct answer" output file.

Automated regression testing is important because :
- It provides portability when the code is moved to another machine.
- A confidence is achieved that changing the program has not introduced any bug.
- Automating regression testing allows users to manage the ever increasing number of test cases and suites, while ensuring both reliability and afford ability.
- Testing efforts are reduced to a greater extent.
- It could be tested in parallel with product development.
- Test coverage is increased.

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