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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Types of Software Systems : Batch Systems, Event Control Systems, Process Control Systems, Advanced Mathematical Models, Message Processing Systems

The type of software system refers to the processing that will be performed by that system.
Batch systems:
These are a set of programs that perform activities which do not require any input from the user. For example, when you type something on word document, you press the key you require and the same gets printed on the monitor. This is performed by the batch systems. These systems contain on or more Application Programming Interface (API) which perform various tasks.

Event Control Systems:
These systems process real time data to provide the user with results for what command was given. For example, when something is typed on the word document and press Ctrl+S, it tells the computer to save the document. These real time command communications to the computer are provided by the event controls that are pre-defined in the system.

Process Control Systems:
There are two or more different systems that communicate to provide the end user a specific utility. When two systems communicate, the co-ordination or data transfer becomes vital. Process Control Systems are the one's that receive data from a different system and instructs the system which sends the data to perform specific tasks based on the reply sent by the system which received the data.

Advanced Mathematical Models:
Systems, which make use of heavy mathematics fall into the category of mathematical models. Usually, all the computer software make use of mathematics in some way or other. An example of advanced mathematical model is the simulation system which uses graphics and control the positioning of software on the monitor or decision and strategy making software.

Message Processing Systems:
A simple example of this type of system is SMS management system used by the mobile operator which handle incoming or outgoing messages. Another system which is noteworthy is the system used by the paging companies.

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