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Friday, September 24, 2010

Categories of Heuristics of Software Testing

There is a set of characteristics that lead to a testable software.
- Operability: The better it works, more efficiently it can be tested.The system should have few bugs or no bugs that should block the execution of tests and the product should evolve in functional stages.

- Observability: What we see is what we test. It includes a distinct output should be generated for each input, the current and past system states and variables should be visible during testing, all factors affecting the output should be visible, incorrect output should be easily identified, source code should be easily accessible and internal errors should be automatically detected and reported.

- Controllability: The better we control the software, the more the testing process can be automated and optimized. Check that all outputs can be generated and code can be executed through some combination of input. Check that the software and hardware states can be controlled directly by the test engineer. Check that inputs and outputs formats are consistent and structured. Check that the test can be conveniently specified, automated and reproduced.

- Decomposability: By controlling the scope of testing, we can quickly isolate problems and perform effective and efficient testing. The software system should be built from independent modules which can be tested independently.

- Simplicity: The less there is to test, the more quickly we can test it. the points to consider in this regard are functional, structural and code simplicity.

- Stability: The fewer the changes, the fewer are the disruptions to testing. The changes to software should be infrequent, controlled and not invalidating existing tests. The software should be able to recover well from failures.

- Understandability: The more information we will have, the smarter we will test. The testers should be able to understand well the design, changes to the design and the dependencies between internal, external and shared components.

- Suitability: The more we know about the intended use of the software, the better we can organize our testing to find important bugs.

The above heuristics can be used by a software engineer to develop a software configuration which is convenient to test and verify.

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