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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Types of Software Systems : Database Management Systems, Data Acquisition Systems, Data Presentation, Decision planning Systems, Pattern and Image Pr

- Database Management Systems:
The database management system handles the management of databases. It is basically a collection of programs that enable the storage, modification and extraction from the database. The DBMS can be of various types ranging from small systems that run on PC's to mainframes.
- Data Acquisition:
Data Acquisition systems, take in real time data and store them for future use. a simple example of data acquisition system can be ATC (Air Traffic Control) software which takes in real time data of the position and speed of the flight and stores it in compressed form for later use.
- Data Presentation:
Data Presentation software stores data and displays the same to the user when required. Example is a content management system. Suppose there is a website which is in English. Website is also available in other languages. The user can select the language he wishes to see and the system displays the same web site in the user chosen language.
- Decision and Planning Systems:
These systems use artificial intelligence techniques to provide decision making solutions to the user.
- Pattern and Image Processing Systems:
These systems are used for scanning, storing, modifying and displaying graphic images. The use of such systems is now being increased as research tests are being conducted in visual modeling and their use in our daily lives is increasing. These systems are used for security requests such as diagnosing photograph, thumb impression of the visitor etc.

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