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Monday, September 16, 2013

What are the differences between inter-network routing and intra-network routing?

- The individual networks when combined together form the inter-network. 
Intermediate inter networking devices are used for making connections between them. 
- All these networking elements combine to work as single large unit. 
- The creation of the internetworking has been made possible because of the packet switching technology. 
- The router is the most common and important device used for performing inter-network routing and intranetwork routing.
- Routing across various networks in the inter network is termed as internetwork routing and routing within the same network is termed intranetwork routing. 

In this article we discuss about the differences between internetwork routing and intranetwork routing. 

- Just like inter-network, intranetwork also uses IP (internet protocol) technology for computing services and sharing information. 
- But what makes it different from internetworking is that it is limited to some organization whereas internetwork extends beyond all i.e., it is not limited.
- Or we can put it in other words: Internetwork is spread across organizations and Intranetwork lies within an organization. 
- In some cases, the term intranetwork might mean only the internal website of the organization, but in other cases it might be a larger part of the IT infrastructure of the organization. 
- Sometimes, it may span over a number of LANs (local area networks). 
- The intranetwork is driven by the goal of minimizing the time, effort and cost of the individual’s desktop in order to make it more competitive, cost efficient, timely as well as productive.
- An intranetwork is capable of hosting multiple websites that are private to organizations and may even constitute an important part of the collaboration and communication between the members of the organization. 
- Intranetwork also makes use of various well known protocols such as the FTP, SMTP and HTTP. 
- The intranets are often incorporated with the technologies for lending a modern interface to the systems that host the corporate data. 
- These systems are known as the legacy systems. 
- We can see intranetwork to be a private analog of the internetwork. 
- It means the internetwork has been simply extended to an organization for its private use. 
- Extranetworks are a modified version of the intranetworks.
- Here, the website might be accessed by the non-members i.e., the suppliers, customers or some other approved third parties and so on. 
- Intranetworks are well equipped with a special protocol called the AAA protocol. 
- The 3 As stand for authentication, authorization and accounting. 
- There are a number of organizations who are concerned about the security of their intranetworks. 
- They have deployed a firewall and a network gateway for controlling the access to their services. 
The intermediate systems when connect together form the internetwork whereas they may bound together a part of the internetwork which might be an intranetwork
- The intranetwork routing involves routing between two routers which lie in the same network whereas in internetwork routing, routing is done between routers which reside across different networks. 
- Intranetwork routing is quite easy when compared to the internetwork routing. 
- Protocols used in both the types of routing are different.
- Interior gateway protocol is responsible for routing in the intranetworks whereas the exterior gateway protocol takes the responsibility of routing across the internetwork. 
- Most common example of interior gateway protocol is the OSPF or the open shortest path first protocol. 
- And most common example of exterior gateway protocol is the border gateway protocol or BGP. 
- Also, the routing graphs for both the types are different. 
- In the intranetwork’s graph, all the routers are simply linked to one another in the same network. 
- There is less mess.
- On the other hand, the inter network’s graph is quite tedious. 
- This is so because routers of different networks have to be inter-linked with one another. 

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