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Saturday, January 26, 2013

What are features of QF – Test?

Qf – test is abundant with features. The QF–test was made available in the market in the year of 2001 and since then it has gained over 600 customers worldwide in around 50 countries.  

Features of QF–test

- It is has been counted as the most professional tool for carrying out regression and functional testing on the web applications. 
- The foundation of the tool is also well established and it has got a high efficiency rating by the users. 
- The tool has been a breakthrough in the field of automated testing of the java based web applications that have a GUI or graphical user interface.
- The reusable tests and the modular tests are combined with the user– friendly handling as well as a price that is competitive enough which in turn yields a high ROI or return of investment. 
- Also, there have been no doubts regarding its power in automated testing  and cross platform testing. 
- In addition to these, it is quite robust in nature which makes it suitable for the cross – browser testing. 
- Without much hard work one can easily create automated load tests and regression tests. 
- The documentation of the tests and their reports can be configured very easily. 
- QF – test has made the recognition of the complex dynamic objects very reliable and quick.
- It supports all the unix systems as well as the windows platforms. 
- Swing, Internet explorer, Mozilla firefox and SWT are also supported. 
- The interface of the QF – test is quite user friendly and the documentation is quite comprehensive. 
- The tool is perfectly supported by the authors directly and quickly.
- The tool comes with an user interface that is quite intuitive in nature and the capture and playback feature is excellent. 
- The documentation of QF–test is quite extensive and has got both manual and tutorial. 
- The evaluation for the reports is done free of cost.
Currently 3 GUI technologies are supported by the qf – test namely:
  1. Swing
  2. SWT and
  3. Web
- These three technologies can be combined in various combinations. 
- Certain features why most of the people prefer QF–test are:
  1. Clear concept used.
  2. Logical
  3. Comprehensiveness
  4. Ease of use
  5. Good price
  6. Good customer care
  7. A product of Germany
- QF–test has proved to be a great tool for the creation and maintenance of the swing tests. 
- The QF–test has provided timely support to the IT industry.
- The testing time is greatly reduced such as to 3 hours from 21 hours. 
- It supports a number of technologies for testing:
  1. Swing: webstart, applets, captain casa, ULC
  2. SWT
  3. Eclipse’s standard widget tool kit inclusive of the rich client platforms or RCP and plug – ins.
  4. Web GUIs: AJAX (ExtGWT, RAP, Richfaces, Qooxdoo, GWT and so on.), web 2.0 and so on.
- The java version required for the qf – test is version 1.5 or higher than that. Platforms supported are:
  1. Windows: windows 7, XP, vista, 2000, server 2008 and 2003.
  2. Linux platforms
  3. Solaris
  4. AIX
  5. HP – UX
  6. Mac OS – X
- Browsers supported are:
  1. 32 and 64 bits JDKs: IBM, excelsior JET etc.
  2. SWT version 3.3 and plus

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