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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Explain Oracle Application Testing Suite?

Oracle application testing suite is an effort to provide you with a comprehensive web application testing solution that is quite integrated and has got all the tools that you may require for ensuring the reliability as well as scalability of your applications that are based up on critical business processes. 

Oracle application testing suite has got three main parts namely:
  1. Oracle Functional Testing: This is for performing regression testing and functional testing on web applications.
  2. Job scheduler: This component of the testing suite is responsible for scheduling the testing of the application.
  3. Oracle load testing: This is for carrying out scalability testing, load testing and stress testing on the web applications. This component also consists of some tools that can be very well used for monitoring and reporting on the server side.
- A common set of the visual scripts is what that powers the web applications and therefore they don’t require any programming.
- Also, you don’t need to learn any proprietary language, take training classes or to set up any special proxies. 
- As any changes are made to the application, they are reflected in the visual scripts of the application and the updates are automatically performed. 
- This means that the load tests and the regression tests that you created will be automatically synchronized with the application. 
- This will help you to make the automated regression testing an important part of the development process. 
- The functional testing feature of the oracle application testing suite serves as a tool for functional as well as regression testing and as a script recorder for the whole testing suite. 
- Objects on each and every page are recorded by the functional testing suite and the tests are automatically inserted for the validation of the objects.
- In the visual script you can find the graphical representation of each and every object. 
- The components can be augmented or masked as you require with the help of simple click actions.
- The objects on a page are displayed in the tree hierarchy in the visual script. - Flags are used for indicating the differences between the current version and the baseline.
- With the oracle functional testing the creation, maintenance, and execution of the tests becomes very easy. 
- It comes with the following:
  1. An intuitive yet powerful automated test case generator.
  2. A special text matching component.
  3. Ability of executing the data driven tests via the data bank wizard.

Features of Testing Suite

The features of the testing suite have been highlighted below:
  1. Automatic test generation/ visual script technology: This features lets you record and test the whole application with object orient scripts that are reusable. The following are the elements that are automatically captured:
Ø  Elements
Ø  Forms
Ø  Frames
Ø  Images
Ø  Image maps
Ø  Links
Ø  Active X controls
Ø  Java applets
Ø  VBscript
Ø  Java script
  1. Simple script updating: Scripts are updated as per the changes with a simple click.
  2. Graphical test results: Red flags indicate the HTML differences or any failures so that they can be diagnosed.
  3. E- spider: Whole of your site is automatically mapped and visual scripts are created for either whole or partial of your application.
  4. Data bank wizard: It enables you to create data bank wizards without actual programming. Since the visual scripts reusable they can be used again and again with different inputs every time.
  5. Visual test case insertion: This feature lets you add extra test cases to the scripts fore the verification of the server response times, text of the page and form elements and so on.
  6. Programming interface

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