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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

What are the features of Eggplant testing tool? How is Eggplant run?

Eggplant is the GUI test automation tool that uses the black box approach in its testing process. The product stands out in the category of the GUI test automation tool and has even received US patent for its extra ordinary features. 

Features of Eggplant

The features of eggplant are:
  1. Guided record mode: This record mode is quite sophisticated in comparison to the regular mode. It generates code by means of capturing the images thus avoiding the extra and unnecessary recording of the keyboard and mouse events.
  2. Debugging
  3. Code completion
  4. Eggplant can be integrated very well with the other quality management software. It can be further used for augmenting the systems like the HP quality center.
  5. Eggplant features an execution only mode i.e., the software testers and developers have the freedom of running the tests unattended via the command line interface of the eggplant.
 It can be used for a number of testing methodologies such as:
  1. Mobile testing
  2. Cross browser testing
  3. Cross platform testing
  4. Rich internet application testing
  5. Performance testing
A free trial of eggplant software can be downloaded from the website of the company. Some additions that were made to the version 11 of the eggplant are:
  1. Integration of the OCR engine
  2. Sense talk scripting
  3. Mac OS X lion support
The mobile version of the eggplant lets the software testers to carry out automated testing on mobile devices. Eggplant mobile provided a universal solution for testing the mobile applications across a number of mobile operating systems such as the following:
  1. Android
  2. iOS
  3. blackberry
  4. Symbian
  5. Windows
- The OCR engine that was integrated in version 11 of the eggplant is a global one and also supports the latest version of the windows – windows 8. 
- The scripts developed by the eggplant are reusable. 
- The eggplant software can be made ready within an hour and you can start writing test scripts and executing them without wasting much time.

- To set up the eggplant software follow the below mentioned steps:
Ø First install the eggplant application.
Ø Now set up the system under test and install a VNC server on it.
Ø Set up a VNC connection.
ØFor a better understanding of how to use the application it is recommended that you take a tour of it.

Testing Process with Eggplant

Now we present a brief overview of the testing process with eggplant:
  1. Set up your SUT and a VNC connection as mentioned previously in the article.
  2. The SUT is controlled through eggplant so that you can capture images indicating the SUT interface elements. These are the elements with which you want the eggplant to have an interaction with.
  3. Third stage involves generation of the scripts that guide the eggplant regarding what is to be done at the image locations that you have selected.
  4. You can execute the scripts as many times as you require carrying out a particular task such as validating a process.
  5. The result is generated in the suite editor and consists of detail run info and statistics that you can use for analyzing your results.
Best thing about eggplant is that even if it can be installed only on one computer (since it comes only with one computer per license), it can test any number of other computers. The scripts are created on the controller machine from where they can be executed on any other computer. This it does through the VNC (virtual network computing) server which sends the commands to the SUT. 

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