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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Explain Eggplant (GUI testing tool)? What is the approach behind Eggplant?

- Eggplant is an automation testing tool developed exclusively for carrying out black box approach based GUI testing. 
- This test automation tool came in to market in the year of 2002 and the developer was the Redstone Software. 
- Later, in the year of 2008, TestPlant – a UK based company took Redstone software in it’s under. 
- Basic technology used here is the image matching technology. 
- This is seen as quite contrary to examining the application under test (AUT) at the object level. 
- This helps in automation of the whole system under test (SUT) rather than focusing up on the application – specific solution.
- This implies another thing which is that the system on which the AUT runs and the technology used for developing the AUT do not matter at all. 
- The eggplant operates up on two computer systems. 
- The purpose of these two systems can be defined as follows:
  1. Controller machine: The purpose of this computer system is to author the scripts and execute them accordingly
  2. SUT or system under test: The purpose of this computer system is to run the VNC server.
- A connection is established between the eggplant and the VNC server through a built in viewer that operates on the internet protocol suite. 
- Any system that has a dedicated VNC server can be used as the System under test. 
Earlier, the controller environment IDE was available only for Mac but now it is available for various platforms including linux and windows.
- The controller machine authors the scripts via sense talk that is a proprietary scripting language. 
- This language is quite similar to English and therefore too easy to use. 
- This proprietary language is used along with the guided record mode. 
- By guided record mode, we mean that the navigation through the system and the verification of the test steps is taught to the eggplant by the script-er.
-  In the year of 2011, an announcement to launch a more advanced version of the then successful eggplant was made by the TestPlant. 
- This new version saw the integration of the optical character recognition (OCR) with the eggplant and was supported by ABBY. 
- It could be run in compatibility with the linux, windows and Mac versions of the eggplant. - In the same another eggplant product was launched that sought to improve test environments provided by the eggplant and was called the eggplant manager. 
- The characteristic features of the eggplant that make it so distinct from the other GUI test automation tools:
  1. Guided record mode
  2. Debugging
  3. Code completion
  4. Can be integrated with the other quality management software
  5. Execution only mode
- Technology behind the eggplant is image recognition algorithms.
- These algorithms let view the screen of the system under test. 
- The US patent was secured by the eggplant to be ability to monitor the GUI on a second computer screen from the previous computer screen. 
- This made it possible to run the tool without requiring any manual intervention. 
- With this, the product came in to the eyes of the UK trade and investment, especially the DSA (defense and security arm).
- Any operating system, browser or technology is fit for running the eggplant.

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