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Friday, April 6, 2012

What is the entry and exit criterion for system testing?

Scientifically, the term system testing is looked up as the testing of both the components of the system i.e., software and hardware. It has been categorized as one of the software testing techniques under the category of black box testing, and so this eliminates the need of any knowledge regarding the internal structure and design of the source code.

The system testing is carried out on an integrated, complete and finished software system or artefact because after the completion of the system only, it can be checked for its ability to cooperate according to the specified conditions and requirements.

This article states the entry and exit criteria for a software system or application to undergo system testing.

About System Testing

- The system testing is all aimed at the detection of all the discrepancies, defects and constraints lurking in the software system or application.

- System testing takes up the job for dealing with the inconsistencies and flaws that are present in the system software which is in turn constituted up of integrated software and hardware components.

- System testing is carried out in concern for the detection of defects within present within the assemblages i.e., inter- assemblages representing the software system or application as a whole entity.

- You don’t have to worry if you already have your software incorporated successfully with the appropriate hardware system, it can be still served as input to the test.

- The software system itself is an integrated part of any other software or hardware system and has dealt with the system integration testing successfully can also be considered as an input for the system testing.

- Being very non similar to the integration testing and unit testing, the system testing takes the whole software system or application as one unit or module for testing.

- We can say that in a way the system testing is a means to explore the functionality of a software system.

- For carrying out system testing there are two options: either you carry it out before you software system or application is assembled or after the system has been finished and completed.

- While carrying out the system testing, you should always make sure you are strictly following the defined systematic procedures.

- Only specifically designed test cases should be used for performing system testing.

- System testing holds the responsibility for dealing with the basic and important contexts namely:
1. Functional requirement specification (FRS) and
2. System requirement specification (SRS).

- System testing does not only deal with the testing of the design of the software system but, also its features as expected by the customers and behaviour.

Entry criteria for System Testing

1. All the units must have passed the unit testing and that too with successful grades.

2. All the modules or units must have successfully passed the integration testing with good grades.

3. Their should be a resemblance between the surrounding environment and the production environment.

4. The following steps should have been followed during the system testing:

- Creation of the system test plan.
- Creation of the test cases.
- Creation of the scripts for building the environment.

Exit Criteria for System Testing

1. All the requirements specifications mentioned in the documentation have been met.

2. The issues have the severity level of 1 and 2 have been resolved.

3. The application is now working as per the expectations of the users.

4. ll the issues related to the critical defects must have been fixed and closed.

5. All the necessary documentations (like quick start guide, final publications draft etc) have been reviewed.

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