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Monday, April 30, 2012

How does penetration testing tool emphasize on network security?

The term “penetration testing” is not unheard these days and perhaps many of us are familiar with this type of testing. In this piece of writing we have discussed how the penetration testing tools emphasize up on the network security. 

About Penetration Testing
- Penetration testing is yet another testing methodology that has been adopted for testing the security of a computer network or system against the malicious attacks. 
- It provides a way to evaluate the security level of the computer network by bombarding the network with false simulated attacks as malicious attacks from the outside as well as inside attackers. 
- The aliens, foreigners or outside attackers do not hold any authorized access to the computer system or network but the inside attackers do have that access, but it is limited to a certain level.
- The whole process of the penetration testing is dependent on an active analysis. 
- This active analysis carries out an assessment of all the potential vulnerabilities of the computer network or system that are merely a consequence of its poor security level as well as configuration level. 
- Apart from this, the known and unknown flaws form both the hardware as well as software system contribute to these vulnerabilities rather than only operational weaknesses. 
- Therefore they are to be blamed equally.
- This active analysis is successful only if it is carried out from the view point of a malicious attacker and is concerned about the active exploitation of the recognized vulnerabilities.

About Network Security
- The network security depends up on the effectiveness of the testing. 
- And the testing in turn is affected by the effectiveness of the tools that are employed in the testing.
- The tools indeed affect the network security, since if the tools are reliable and efficient in finding vulnerabilities, obviously there will be more improvement in the security mechanisms.

Reasons why Penetration Testing holds good for Network Security
There are several other reasons why the penetration testing tools holds good for the network security:

- They are effective for the determination of the feasibility of the similar vectors of attack.
-  Help in the identification of the vulnerabilities which possess a very high risk when the exploitation of a combination of low level risks is done following a particular sequence.
-  Prove quite effective in the determination of the vulnerabilities that cannot be detected with the help of application vulnerability scanning software or automated testing processes.
-  Assist in the assessment of the measure of the operational and business impacts of the attacks on the computer network or system.
- Successfully test the effectiveness of the network defenders in detecting and responding to the attacks.
- Provide the evidence in support of the investments that need to be made in the security field of the computer system or network.

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