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Thursday, April 12, 2012

What are different features of smart phones?

Smart phones are now becoming a much in demand essential commodity for this third generation world. The demand for the smart phones has been increasing rapidly since the advent of much advanced and sophisticated technology.

One should be well versed with the current technologies in this tech savvy world and so we have this dedicated entirely to the discussion regarding smart phones.

Features of Smart Phones

- A smart phone is also like a mobile phone, but then what makes it different? Of course it’s so called smart features!

- A smart phone like any other phone is built up on a mobile computing platform but having more capabilities, abilities and connectivity when compared with their ordinary mobile counterparts.

- Today’s smart phones much like the earlier smart phones are incorporated with all the functions of a PDA (personal digital assistant), a camera as well as mobile phones or feature phones.

- But today’s technology has advanced so much so as to build smart phones that have functions of portable media players, pocket video cameras, compact digital cameras, GPS navigation units and so on incorporated in to them.

- The modern i.e., to say the recent smart phones come with more typical features like web browsers and super amoled touch screens which make the accessing of the web much easier than the ordinary feature phones on which only those web sites or pages can be viewed that have been optimized for the mobile phones.

- These smart phones are very much capable of displaying and accessing the standard web pages developed even with a very high resolution.

- Mobile broadband and wi- fi have also been incorporated in to these smart devices to provide them the ability of accessing data at high speeds.

- Many of the smart phones make use of the following operating systems:
1. iOS from Apple
2. Android from Google
3. Microsoft windows phones
4. Symbian from nokia
5. RIMS’s blackberry OS
6. Embedded Linux like MeeGo and Maemo etc

- The smart phones are designed in such a way that any OS can be installed on different models as well as one device is capable of receiving updates of more than one OS software all during its life time.

Difference between Feature phones and Smart phones

- Till now no official definition has been given regarding the difference between the feature phones and the smart phones.

- But, one point of significance is that the advance APIs or application programming interfaces for smart phones can run the third party applications with better integration with the operating system of the phone and its hardware.

- This much integration is not seen in ordinary feature phones.

- The feature phones in contrast to the smart phones make use of the proprietary firmware.

- A third party support is provided to these phones through platforms like BREW or Java ME and so on.

Features of first Smart Phone

- The first smart phone that was introduced was the IBM simon which was introduced in the year 1992. It had the following features:

1. Address book
2. Calendar
3. World clock
4. Note pad
5. Calculator
6. E- mail client
7. Fax and email features
8. Games

- It made use of a touch screen and stylus like modern smart phones.

- It lacked the ability to download third party applications as well as camera.

- However, that phone was highly sophisticated when compared to the other devices of that time.

Features of Nokia Communicator

- After that the nokia introduced its first smart phone range called “Nokia Communicator” releasing Nokia 9000 first in the range.

- The phone in this series had a clam shell like design with a QWERTY keyboard and a display with high resolution of 640 x 200 mega pixels.

- The screen sizes for the smart phones lie between 2 to 4 inches when measured diagonally.

- Some even come with a screen size of 5 inches but, this some what reduces the usability of the phone.

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