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Sunday, April 8, 2012

What is the difference between desktop applications and web applications?

Today’s world is lot more dependent on the number of software applications which are involved with most of the tasks that we do. Application softwares are gaining popularity day by day by the name of “apps” and there are million application softwares available today and a lot others are in processing.

Many application softwares of different specifications and different designs under so many categories have been designed to enable the user to perform his/ her tasks efficient with ease and with reduced drudgery of performing many tasks that otherwise would have be carried out manually.

Some common examples of application softwares are:
1. Accounting softwares
2. Enterprise softwares
3. Graphics software
4. Media players
5. Office suites and so on.

There are so many types of application softwares like desktop application softwares, web application softwares, utilities and so on based on the field where they are used.

This article is focussed up on two main types of application softwares namely web application softwares and the desk top application softwares and the differences between them.

What are Desktop Applications

- A desktop application can be defined as an application that can run on a lap top or a desk top computer and does not requires any other software application for its functioning unlike web application softwares that do require web browsers to run.

- This definition of the desk top applications can be used to describe the applications that operate on the smart phones and tablets.

- When it comes to the terms of the security, the desk top application softwares are considered to more secure than the web applications since they are operated offline i.e., without internet connectivity and hence there is a lesser risk of them falling prey to some virus or Trojan horse or malware etc.

- It is a different thing that the desk top application softwares may get affected with virus because of the use of corrupted data but, usually they are safe to user as compared to the web applications.

- Most of the desk top applications come either as ports collection or as packages.

- When these applications come as ports collection, they have to be compiled from the source and often it takes up a very long time and depends on the processor of the system.

- Because of such large time consumption, the packages are considered.

- Most of the desk top applications were originally developed for the Linux operating system. These desk top application software apart from serving quick access and use, entertain the below mentioned features like:
1. Instant content synchronization
2. Quick file system access and
3. Management of the downloaded content etc

What are Web Applications?

- Web applications are open to all sorts of the malwares or viruses that are spread all over the whole cyber network and so these viruses can affect the web applications which in turn can have an adverse affect on your whole system.

- In contrast to the desk top applications, the web applications need an internet access to be used.

- The network can either be an intranet connection or an internet connection.

- Web application softwares are coded in the languages that are supported by the web browsers such as JavaScript, HTML etc unlike the desk top applications that are coded in ordinary programming languages like C, C++ etc.

- These web applications employ the web browser itself as their client called thin client.

- As compared to the desk top applications, the web applications are quite easy to be maintained and installed. Some examples are:
1. Online retail sales
2. Web mail
3. Wikis
4. Online auctions

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