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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What is the task set for project planning? What is software scope and feasibility?

Steps that are involved for project planning are:
- Establish a project scope.
- Determine the feasibility.
- Analyze the risks.
- Define the required resources like human resources required, reusable software resources and environmental resources.
- Estimate the cost and effort by decomposing the problem, developing two or more estimates using size, function points, process tasks or use cases and reconciling the estimates.
- Developing a project schedule which includes establishing a meaningful task set, defining a task network, using scheduling tools to develop a timeline chart and defining a schedule for tracking mechanisms.

Software scope are functions and features that are delivered to end users, input and output data, content that is presented to users and the performance, constraints, interfaces and reliability that bound the system. Using either of the two techniques are used to define scope:
- set of use cases developed by end users.
- narrative description of software scope developed after communication with stakeholders.

Project feasibility is important but a consideration of business need is even more important. It does no good to build a high tech system or product that no one wants.

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