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Thursday, September 1, 2011

What is meant by Use-case oriented metrics?

Using the use case method is not dependent on the programming language. Typically, you can use use cases as another method of generating the size of the application; the value of use cases is in most cases to the lines of code (LOC) and also to the number of test cases that will have to be written for comprehensive testing of the application. Like many other estimation techniques, the use case method is used early in the software life cycle, before design, development and testing happens.

A use case is written to capture user interactions and functions that describe a system. Many users try to work out what a standard size for a use case is, but use cases can exist at different levels of abstraction. As a result, though there are many attempts to use the use case method as a instrument of trying to measure the effort required for building the application, the inability to define a size and coverage of the use case, means that not many people have been successfully able to do this.

Estimation through use case method is not a simple one; there are multiple steps required such as determining technical factors, determining environmental factors, determining use case points, determining product factors, and then overall, putting all these factors together to get use case points which translate into man-days or man-weeks.

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