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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Task Set of Project Planning - Estimating resources

The software development effort requires to estimate resources. There are three categories of software resources:
- people
- reusable software components
- development environment.

A resource has four characteristics:
- resource description
- availability
- time when resource will be required
- time duration in which resource can be applied.


- Human Resources
The organizational position and specialty are specified. The location for each human resource is specified. After determining the estimate of development effort, the number of people required for a software project is determined.

- Reusable Software Resources
Re-usability is the creation and reuse of software building blocks which are called components and are cataloged for easy reference and standardized for easy application and validated for easy integration. Four software resource categories that are considered are :

Off the shell components
Full experience components
Partial experience components
New components

- Environmental Resources
Software engineering environment includes hardware and software. Hardware involves tools to produce work products. The software team require access to hardware elements developed by other engineering teams.

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