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Saturday, September 10, 2011

What are the steps to prepare a test plan?

To prepare a test plan, you should have a well thought-out approach. It is not such a difficult task but in immersed with one’s deep thoughts and experience. You should be well aware of the reason of testing before you continue with the testing plan. Test plan give a general idea of testing strategy, assets and list of the projected testing actions. Test plan is generally written in combination with testing policy. The strategy of the test plan also envisages and highlights various levels of the test, which would be carried out while performing the test.

In the simple words it can be said that a test plan provides you information about what you are going to test and which testing procedure is involved in it. Here, the steps for preparing a test plan are being elaborated in six stages, which might be quite helpful for doing the test.

- First stage: For each stage of the test, proper responsibilities should be assigned to the people that who will prepare the design of the test, who will gather the information of each stage, who will carry out the test, and who will verify that the test plan is being executed in a decent way. When these points would be discussed then only the problems will arise, and those should be identified and tackled out at the initial stage.

- Second stage: You should be very well aware of your budget limitations, which involves lump sum idea of the expenditures that would arise on performing the test, which also includes the procurement of the testing equipments.

- Third stage: The requirement of testing equipments should be observed. Every testing equipment, which is required for testing purpose, should be recognized. Many people neglect this part of the whole process, which is also the most important part. If one testing model is required or two or more testing models are required, then it should be planned very at the initial stage. It is to be decided that whether you are going to test on one testing model or on one pre-production portion of hardware? Also in how many shifts the testing would take place? Also how many persons would get involved in the testing process? It the testing equipments should be identified at the early stage then those equipment can be easily procured or can be taken on rent, which would be also be beneficial not only on the financial front but also it prevents the wastage of one’s precious time, as it would allow stress to occupy one’s mind. Moreover, it also involves the availability of the hardware or software material, required for the test.

- Fourth stage: The number of risks and defects that are involved in the testing procedure should be identified at the early stage, which will help in preventing the financial, as well as the any kind of physical loss to the person conducting the test.

- Fifth stage: The testing resource and the testing environment for executing the test should also be considered at the early stage.

- Sixth stage: After executing the test, the test leader must consider and verify, where exactly the test stands in terms of testing actions. He should also checkout that how many tests have become successful and how many tests have failed or proved useless.It helps in improving the mistakes that are committed in the present, so that the same should not be repeated in the future, to avoid any kind of damage to the person performing the test and also in preventing the wastage of the testing material.

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