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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Interface Analysis - User Analysis

Interface analysis involves four steps:
- understanding the end-users who will interact with the system.
- understanding tasks that users should perform.
- understanding content.
- environment in which tasks will be conducted.


Each user has a image or a perception of the software that may be different from the image and perceptions developed by other users. Information that is obtained from different sources can be used to understand users themselves as well as how people will use the system:
- User Interviews to better understand their needs, motivations and other issues.
- Sales input that is obtained when sales people meet with customers and users on regular basis.
- Marketing input
- Support input obtained when support staff talk with users on a daily basis.

To understand better the users of a system, interface designer can take help of following questions:
- are users trained professionals?
- what level of education?
- what is primary language?
- what and how are users compensated?
- what is age range?
- are users capable of learning from written materials or classroom training?
- what are consequences if user makes a mistake using a system?
- are users expert in subject matter addressed by the system?
- do users want to know about the technology that sits behind the interface?

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