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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Designing Class based Components - Component Level Design Guidelines

As component level design proceeds, there are some guidelines other than basic design guidelines. These guidelines are applied to components and their interfaces, their dependencies and inheritance.

- Naming conventions should be established for components.
- These are specified as part of architectural model and then refined and elaborated as part of component level design.
- Architectural component names should be drawn from the problem domain.
- It should have meaning to all stakeholders.

- Provides information about communication and collaboration.
- Lollipop approach to represent interface should be used in combination with UML box and dashed arrow.
- Interface should flow from left side of the component box for consistency.
- Only relevant interfaces to component should be shown.

- Model dependencies from left to right.
- Model inheritance from bottom to top.
- Component interdependencies should be represented via interfaces.

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