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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Interface Analysis - Analysis of Display Content and Work Environment


User tasks lead to the presentation of variety of content.Content can be character based reports, graphical displays, specialized information. Analysis modeling techniques identify the output data objects. During this step, the format and aesthetics of content are considered.
To determine format and aesthetics of content, steps that are followed are:
- can user customize screen location for content?
- is proper on-screen identification assigned to all content?
- how is color used to enhance understanding?
- how will error messages and warnings presented to user?
- how is report partitioned for ease of understanding?
- are different types of data assigned to consistent geographic locations on screen?


People do not work in isolation. They are always influenced by the activity around them. In some applications, the user interface is placed in a user-friendly location but in others lighting and noise may be a factor, a keyboard or mouse may not be an option. in addition to physical environment factors, the work place culture also is important.Can system interaction be measured? Will two or more people share information before input is provided? Many such questions should be answered before interface design commences.

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