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Friday, October 15, 2010

Validation phase - Unit Testing - UTC Document, UTC Checklist, Defect Recording

UTC Document
The Unit Test Case document consists of test case number, test case purpose, the procedure, the expected result and the actual result. Columns like Pass/Fail and Remarks are also present in UTC.

UTC Checklist
UTC checklist may be used while reviewing the UTC prepared by the programmer. As any other checklist, it contains a list of questions which can be answered in yes or no. The 'aspects' list can be referred to while preparing UTC checklist.
- Are test cases present for all form field validations?
- Are boundary conditions considered?
- Are error messages properly phrased?

Defect Recording
It can be done on the same document of UTC, in the column of 'Expected results'. this column can be duplicated for the next iterations of unit testing. Defect recording can also be done using some tools like Bugzilla in which defects are stored in the database. Defect recording needs to be done with care. It should be able to indicate the problem in clear, unambiguous manner and reproducing of the defects should be easily possible from the defect formation.

To conclude, exhaustive unit testing filters out the defects at an early stage in the development life cycle. It proves to be cost effective and improves quality of the software before the smaller pieces are put together to form an application as a whole. Unit testing should be done sincerely and meticulously.

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