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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Validation Phase - System Testing - Content Management Testing

Content Management has gained a predominant importance after the web applications took a major part of our lives. As the name denotes, content management is managing the content. Content Management Testing involves :

- Testing the distribution of the content.
- Request, Response Time.
- Content display on various browsers and operating systems.
- Load distribution on the servers.
In fact all the performance related testing should be performed for each version of the web application which uses the content management servers.

Example: You want to open the Yahoo! in Chinese version. When you choose Chinese version on the main page of yahoo! to get to see the entire content in chinese. Yahoo! would strategically plan and have various servers for various languages. When you choose a particular version of the page, the request is re-directed to the server which manages the Chinese content page. The Content Management System helps in placing content for various purposes and also help in displaying when the request comes in.

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